Peace lies at the heart of each individual, all families, communities, territories, and nations. Peace is the dream we hope and strive for. It is possible to see a world turn from violent to nonviolent solutions within our lifetimes. Now in our fifth year, our group of Dubuque-area residents invites all to participate in a city-wide, week-long celebration of the United Nations International Day of Peace during the week of September 17-25, 2014. The Day of Peace is recognized around the world every September 21. Since its 1981 inception, the Day of Peace has marked humanity’s personal and planetary progress toward peace.
We want to focus on how the war on terror is changing the lives of young people. We are planning events affirming the thirtieth anniversary of the UN Declaration on the Right of Peoples to Peace, being “Convinced that life without war serves as the primary international prerequisite for the material well-being, development and progress of countries, and for the full implementation of the rights and fundamental human freedoms proclaimed by the United Nations” (and a promise of a full and rewarding life for the youth of Dubuque. Iowa).