Michelle Balek, OSF, Sister of St. Francis
Eric Anglada, St. Isidore Catholic Worker Farm
Michelle Balek, OSF, Sister of St. Francis
David Cochran, faculty, Loras College
Christine Darr, faculty, University of Dubuque
Hunter Darrouzet, Clarke University Campus Ministry Director
Sue Dravis, Westminster Presbyterian Mission Chair
Richard Fischer, Dubuque Peace and Justice
Carol Hoverman, OSF, Sister of St. Francis
Barbra Ilten, UN International Day of Peace
Jan Lee, faculty, Clarke University
Mick Miyamoto, Vice President and Dean of Student Life, University of Dubuque
Mira Mosle, BVM, Sister of Charity
Evelyn Nadeau, faculty, Clarke University
Joy Peterson, PBVM, Promoter of Peace & Justice for Sisters of the Presentation
Andrew Phillips, Divine Word College
Jeannine Pitas, faculty, University of Dubuque
Art Roche, Dubuque Peace and Justice
Marcos Rubinstein, Dubuque LULAC (League of United Latin American Citizens)
Judy Schmidt, ISEA Retired
RRS Stewart, Dubuque for Refugee Children
Terry Stewart, St. Luke’s United Methodist Church Social Justice
Kathy Sutton, Dubuque Branch NAACP
Marilyn Taylor, faculty, Divine Word College